The Story

Please Note: Chapters have been posted in their unedited form and do not fully reflect the final work.


This story takes place in a world where superpowers exist, albeit in a much reduced capacity from the high fantasy of comic books and movies. Enhancements manifest in roughly 1% of the world's population and many manifestations are mundane and hold no significant application. However, there are those that were born with abilities that make them suitable for science, industry, or military applications. These individuals are highly sought after and fought over by world governments and industry. Espionage and terrorism are commonplace and those with abilities are regulated in an effort to combat this, and specialized units are often formed as first responders or elite special forces centered around these individuals. In this world organizations like NASA have come to the forefront of research and study to help regulate the application of these individuals. History has shown the existence of these "supernormal" individuals throughout the ages. Classified into three categories, the commonplace "Sigma', the rare "Delta" and the super rare "Quantum". 

Born with no indication of any special abilities to non powered parents, Danielle "Dani" Walker grew up normally until the age of ten when her powers first started to manifest. 

Dani’s powers manifested suddenly in a small explosion at the family home resulting in the family dog being hurt accidentally and her falling into a coma. After being rushed to the hospital and laying unresponsive for fifteen days Dani exploded again as she woke up, this time much stronger. After a year of trying to hide her abilities in which they were lucky to avoid any casualties, it was time to do something before she accidentally hurt someone. Not knowing where to turn the family reached out to NASA in the hopes they would know what to do.  

NASA was of course dubious of the Walkers' claims until eleven year old Dani demonstrated her abilities at NASA Headquarters while ostensibly on a vacation to the Smithsonian. Her energy signature matched that of the explosion at the hospital which was picked up as an anomaly by NASA equipment convincing them to investigate further. Testing began on her immediately, and much to the Walker Family’s dismay the United States Military was brought in to consult due to Dani's results being far beyond the expected result. The Walkers had hoped to avoid military involvement, hence the decision to approach NASA due to fears of her being removed from the family and used to experiment on.

Realizing that something extraordinary had occurred the NASA and military scientists created The STAR Project to research why and how Dani had developed her abilities early.  The Supernormal Theory and Advance Research (STAR) project was created and is classified as "Top Secret" known only to a few high ranking officials. In exchange for their cooperation with the project, the Walkers made a deal with the scientists that Dani was to be allowed to live a normal life once or if her powers were brought under control, and that she would spend one month a year undergoing testing otherwise the family would go into hiding. Under no circumstances was she to be locked up or tested outside of the agreed upon timeframe without family consent. All research was to be for non-military use and applied to the betterment of humankind.

Dani, to the best the scientists can determine, absorbs ambient and direct solar energy which is then converted into a form of bio-energy. The energy Dani expels has a mostly concussive nature to it but does have a low-level heat signature. The more she concentrates the beam the higher the intensity of the heat.  Dani can channel the energy through her arms and emit the beams through her hands however, the STAR team believes that she should be able to emit the energy omni-directionally and that channeling it through only her hands is a form of mental block.

By Dani’s thirteenth birthday her powers were considered under control but were growing with her physically. Dani’s physical functions started to become stronger and surpassed what would be considered normal for her age. It became rare for her to get sick and it soon became much harder for her to sustain a physical injury. Her body was strengthening itself to handle the growing energy it possessed. 


The STAR team eventually discovered that Dani’s mental state actually has an effect on her powers and the level at which she can use and sustain them. When confident Dani can sustain an energy release for nearly twice as long as when not focused.  Beam power is also affected with more concussive energy being registered when Dani is focused. At the age of seventeen, Dani developed the ability to fly much to the STAR team’s surprise. The onset of this power confirmed what had long been suspected that Dani is a "Quantum" class supernormal. At present, scientists aren’t quite sure how this ability works, and while Dani’s energy signature can be registered when flying, the methodology is still under research. 

Dani’s love of comic books and her need to feel like she is doing something with her abilities led her to don a costume to help others. Realizing her intentions and knowing that it would be difficult to stop her the STAR team was repurposed to support her with a tactical response unit dubbed the Supernormal Tactics and Response team while still monitoring her. Undergoing training with Special Forces in tactical response and intervention Dani holds a special government First Responder clearance. 

Having always loved patriotic-themed heroes such as Captain Flag she donned a costume of red, white, and blue. Originally code-named “Stella” (Latin for star) as a research designation, Dani has taken on the code name of “Star” to honor those who have supported and helped her along the way. While the government nominally supports her it fears the research collected about her could lead to new weapons development and has classified most of the research and consolidated the Research and Tactical unit under the title of “Project American Star”.

Dani tries her best to maintain cheerful and positive energy in everything she does and is eager to begin her journey to help others and be a positive force in the world as she juggles her desire to use her powers and training with finishing college, but little does she know she’s not the first and that not everything is as it seems. Unbeknownst to Dani and the majority of the STAR project a top-secret black box research team dubbed the Superhuman Utilization Network (SUN) has been working not just to understand her powers but also on how to recreate them as feared. 

How Dani’s path will intersect with SUN’s agenda remains to be seen.