This website is a work in progress for the forthcoming novel *Project: American Star.

*Title subject to change 



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Cover By: Areeya18

The Plot

Our story takes place in a world where superpowers exist, albeit in a much reduced capacity from the high fantasy of comic books and movies. Enhancements manifest in roughly 1% of the world's population and many manifestations are mundane and hold no significant application. However, there are those that were born with abilities that make them suitable for science, industry, or military applications. These individuals are highly sought after and fought over by world governments and industry. Espionage and terrorism are commonplace and those with abilities are regulated in an effort to combat this, and specialized units are often formed as first responders or elite special forces centered around these individuals. While History has shown the existence of these "Supernormal" individuals throughout the ages, in this world organizations like NASA have come to the forefront to study and help regulate the application of these individuals. Classified into three categories, the commonplace "Sigma', the rare "Delta" and the super rare "Quantum".


This is the story of Danielle Walker who is blessed with Quantum class abilities and the desire to use those abilities to help others. Known as "Dani" to her friends, "Star" to her team, and "American Star" in the propaganda she begins her journey to find her place in the dangerous world of Supernormals. Dani will need the help of her friends, mentors, and her team to survive government machinations, corporate espionage, and betrayal. If she can survive, she may just end up becoming one of the world's greatest heroes.